DDIM Program

Enterprise Accounts: DDIM Program

RAE Security doesn’t just provide a service, we partner with Enterprise Accounts to build a program that works for the client. We are involved in the Design, Development, Implementation and ongoing maintenance of the project. The Account Manager will coordinate the right RAE Security personnel to be involved in each step of the process. A beginning-to-end project management solution.


We are involved at the beginning to assist our clients in how they design their security. We focus on assembling a security solution that works together in all facets of access control, locks and keying. Our project managers are involved to build a tailored solutions that can be replicated and standardized with the same quality to multiple facilities and stores. We survey sites, work with the architects and the general contractor to be a security partner.


Development plan is built and shared with the client. We minimize lead times by storing critical inventory and using strategic sourcing to deliver a complete security solution faster. As materials arrive, they are labeled, kitted by door and staged for the project. The target is to reduce the amount of time required for the install by prepping the equipment prior to leaving the RAE Security facility. Each part of the development process is monitored and communicated to the client.


Our project manager and field dispatch will coordinate a team of 1099 technicians throughout the nation to deliver installation on time. Product delivery will come from one of our strategically located warehouse hubs, reducing lead time and shipping to your location. Day-to-day install work will be managed from site and reported back to the client regularly. Specifics utilization Key Performance Indicators will be delivered as a measurement tool of our installation performance. Our install finishes when the client is satisfied with our performance and working system.


Ongoing day-to-day maintenance is available via structured service programs involving both standard service and emergency response service for critical items. Enterprise Accounts are a part of our priority rekey program that guarantees same day for certain quantities of keys and cores. Preventative maintenance services are established to ensure that all security is full operational including battery replacement, lock maintenance, safe cleaning, etc..