Solutions: Safes

Safe’s are critical infrastructure any retail or pharmacy environment to keeping your assets & valuables safe. RAE Security will specify the appropriate safe for your business needs, will install the safe including bolt down and wiring, perform preventative maintenance and on going break fix service. If needed, we will also train your staff on how to properly use the safe.

If you are deploying safes at multiple sites, we will manage the safe keys, including secure storage of your back up keys for quick deployment in a lock out situation. For onsite storage of keys, we have multiple key system storage units that will secure the high value keys for your safes and provide audit trails for who is checking keys in and out.

  • Cash Management Safes
  • Drop Safes
  • Pharmacy Safes
  • Office Safes
  • Amsec
  • Sanisafe
  • Sargent & Greenleaf
  • Dallas Chip Programming Keys

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